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Pressure Clean USA™ offers an array of commercial, residential, and industrial cleaning services. Contact us today for even more information and a free estimate to see how we can help you with your cleaning needs.

Low Pressure Exterior Cleaning
Low-pressure cleaning is used when high pressure is not needed or will possibly cause damage to the cleaning surface. Our special algae-cide is applied directly to the mildew/algae. The dead algae and mildew is rinsed away with minimal pressure. The benefits of low pressure cleaning are:

1. The results of your cleaning are higher quality and last longer.
2. High pressure is not needed to clean your roof and home.
3. Our algae-cide removes the mildew and algae thoroughly.

Low Pressure Roof Cleaning
Roof cleaning is a necessity in Florida, especially if you live in an HOA. The unsightly algae stains on your roof typically spread to the areas with the most shade or over hanging trees. Our specially formulated algae-cide is strong enough to remove the algae from the shingles or tiles without the need for high pressure. We cover plants and shrubs as needed and thoroughly rinse surrounding areas before, during, and after the roof cleaning. Thorough rinsing 3 days before and after the cleaning by the customer is recommended for complete chemical dilution.

High Pressure Cleaning
High pressure is used to clean concrete surfaces, strip paint, remove grease, gum spots and other tough stains.

Steam Cleaning (Hot Water)
Shopping Centers, gas stations, and restaurants typically get a lot of gum, grease, and oil stains where steam cleaning will be needed. Steam cleaning is used to remove gum spots, grease, and other unsightly stains. In addition to hot water, we apply concentrated degreasers and cleaning chemicals directly to the stains for best results.

Residential Pressure Washing
Commercial Sidewalk Cleaning
Complete Exterior Cleaning
Pool Screen Enclosure Cleaning

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