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Customers and tenants love a clean gas station.  A clean storefront promotes a clean image which is good for business.  To keep a clean image, we recommend monthly, quarterly, or as needed cleaning services for your gas station.  We work with property managers and owners to keep gas stations looking great!  

What to expect from a Pressure Clean USA™ commercial cleaning service:

Flat surfaces- We apply cleaning chemicals to the surface and then deep clean with our surface cleaning machines.  Steam cleaning (Hot Water) is used to remove gum spots,grease, and oil stains.     

Pump Canopies- The canopies covering the pumps can be cleaned to remove cobwebs and other stains. Canopy is treated with algaecide to safely remove mildew and algae stains without high pressure.  We cover gas pumps with tarps and block of the cleaning area temporarily.

Rinse Parking Areas- We rinse all debris and dirt from the cleaning areas.  The water run off from the cleaning can leave dirt and debris on the parking lot if not rinsed thoroughly.

Tips for Gas Station Pressure Cleaning:

1. Notify managers and employees of the cleaning in advance to reduce confusion.
2. Bring in signs, and other items that can get cleaning chemicals on them.
3. Have outdoor lights stay on all night to ensure best results.

We recommend scheduling the gas station pressure cleaning after hours to minimize conflicts with customers.

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