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Pressure Clean USA™, LLC Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale
Pressure Clean USA™, LLC (we, us or our)
Customer (your)

Payment Terms

Residential Jobs
Payment is due promptly after completion of the cleaning service. Payment is to be made by cash or check payable to: Pressure Clean USA™, LLC. Payments not received within 30 days are subject to a 2% late fee. All returned checks have a $50 returned check service fee. Prompt payment is greatly appreciated.

Commercial Jobs
Commercial jobs, property managers, and Home Owners Assoiations typically have NET 30 terms with payment due in full within 30 days. Payments not received within 30 days are subject to a 2% late fee. All returned checks have a $50 returned check service fee. Prompt payment is greatly appreciated.

Customer Responsibility

Personal Items
We are NOT responsible for personal items damaged by accidental contact with cleaning chemicals or water during the cleaning process. Please bring inside all personal items, pets, and other fragile items listed below:

- Shoes, clothing, towels
- Furniture with fabric or upholstery
- Decorative wall pieces (Items hung on the wall)
- Flags
- Dogs, Fish, Birds and other pets
- Any item that is breakable or has sentimental value
- Electronic equipment (Make sure it is covered and unplugged)
- Lawn ornaments and garden decorations

Please notify us if any of the outdoor outlets are not properly grounded and covered. We are NOT responsible for tripping breakers or damage to electrical outlets that are not properly covered and grounded.

Please notify us of any outdoor electronics that need to be covered or may not be weather tight. If any electronic equipment needs to be covered please notify us at the time of the estimate (Intercoms, speakers, sensors, cameras, automatic door openers)

Windows and Doors
Please check all windows and doors before and after the cleaning. Place towels down around doors where there is not a tight weather seal. Check all windows and doors after the cleaning and dry up any water that may have intruded. We are NOT responsible for water intrusion during pressure cleaning.

While we use low pressure for most of the services we provide, some windows and doors have weakened or aged, therefore, we are NOT responsible for windows or doors that lose their seal before, during, or after the cleaning. We always thoroughly rinse the windows and doors with low pressure water to prevent chemical streaking or residue left behind from the cleaning process.

Roof Cleaning Process
We start by thoroughly wetting the plants, house, windows, and other surrounding areas before, during and after the cleaning process. The chemical application to your shingle or tile roof will take place while a man on the ground continues to rinse the house and plants. Some areas with thick algae may require two or three applications before the algae is completely removed. When we clean a roof with our low pressure algaecide application there is runoff that may affect your plants if not properly cared for.

As a precaution, it is recommended to water your plants as much as possible in the three days before and after any cleaning. Water plants in the affected area top to bottom as much as possible. We can cover plants if necessary but most of the time that will divert the runoff to a different area of the yard. More water and rinsing to dilute the run-off is best. Therefore, it is recommended the customer water as much as possible to avoid the plants being shocked by the chemical run-off. Please follow any water regulations set forth in your area. We are NOT responsible for plants that are shocked (leaves turn brown) or die during the cleaning process. We will try our best to care for your plants and personal items but cannot guarantee the plants will be unaffected by the cleaning process.

For more information about our privacy policy or terms of service please contact us.